Joe Bonamassa is a HUGE A-HOLE


Who do you believe? The truth is often something that takes digging;

Some outside links. These are not mine, have nothing to do with me and are 100% other people rants. For whatever its worth. I get tired of lies and bullshit. Truth is always over the horizon. More to come. post 1031037

I don’t know if this Mike guy deserved it, but Joe Bonamassa posted this on twitter ….. same Bonamassa who has his lawyer send me threats for mentioning his name. Alluding its illegal to do this, which is of course, complete bullshit.


But wait, there’s more. Bonamassa posted a picture of himself hitting a “security” guy over the head with his Telecaster. Joe used this picture for press, claiming he was saving his fans. The truth is different according to this man, who called security over in the first place. The man security was trying to throw out did not have a ticket for that isle, and knocked over the woman who did, an expensive meet and greet ticket. Anyone have links to a lawsuit? original story



update: I have never posted on lespaulforum. Nor have I ever been a member. I called out (here on my own site) nonsense such as attacking people and selling goods with VERY questionable backstories and completely bullshit “appraisals”. They sought out my site for the quality Gibson information, linked to it, read all my stuff and freaked out upon discovery that I am not into their scene. A smear attack commenced. I am sure they have some fine people over there. Too bad they cant contain their resident monkeys.  Complete nonsense that only affirms my original statements.

Forums always turn into a backslap party of 4-10 guys who live on the forum 24/7 ranting, raving, turning on each other. You cannot make these people happy …. EVER. I post articles like this because these are the exact people I NEVER want to have dealings with. It has served me well. I’ve dealt with some amazing people over the years. Its all very cut and dry, results oriented. Like attracts like and I make a point to repel time wasters.

The biggest mud slinging forums “mylespaul” and “lespaulforum” have a few people pretending to “out” fakes, all the while selling “legit” bursts and other guitars. The difference is always what one of the little group owns and what they don’t. Of course, they haven’t made a Les Paul Burst at Gibson nor do they know the processes. Its all about what the “believe”. Might as well be discussing religion.

Only a few guys on those boards actually own any and sure enough, those are often the quiet ones who do not call themselves experts. To busy playing them I guess. A nice person that did build them, and does know all about the details, quietly works in Kalamazoo, still shaping great necks and still making great guitars (at time of original writing, now retired). He is not on the forums and no one asks him. So many absolute facts exist like what angle was the PU route done? What bit? truss slope (slope, not curve), but you have to know these things which takes builder knowledge, so that stuff is ignored while debates rage about the B in Gibson looking funny. (hand cut pearl may vary slightly? NO WAY!)

 There are also some very wrong published facts. Like Beauty of the Burst showing a diagram of curved truss rod. 58-60 burst (well beyond too) have a straight truss rod. Its OK, that’s a great book but point proven – there are details those without real builder knowledge, cannot comprehend. These are the only facts that can ascertain a “burst” les paul or any vintage piece for that matter. The facts of manufacture do not lie. Finishes, binding, nut, logo … all this can be changed. Simple X-ray becomes valuable. You can argue about neck shape all day but if your X-ray shows a ’59 LP with curved rod you’ve got a possible fake, point blank. I say “possible” as at the least the truss was changed (unlikely) its been apart and with collective comparison of other “absolute” manufacture details, a real verifiable picture is painted. No conjecture needed.   By why rely on facts when you can scrutinize 72 dpi pictures from some unknown source and proclaim your genius?  IMO none of these people care about facts. Only how they can warp them to serve their agenda. Complete non event to the public at large.

 I know of at least 2 very good replicas owned by members of said forum. Of those 2, one for sure has a curved rod installed. No it wasn’t me, people were doing great replica before me and in fair number. I can only guess how often or many change hands. Many of the long timers know exactly what I am talking about.  Quite a few good replicas exist. Since the 80’s they have been done, this I know as fact. Not Max either and not Derrig. Earlier than that, better than that. Many more lessor ones have also changed hands. How do I know? They went somewhere! Each corner of the globe has at least one guy who made several from pretty good to quite fantastic. Without a doubt one resides in the hands of a web expert basing all his opinions on it. There should be no provenance greater than fully compliant and x-rayed when trading for 250k.

I name one massive troll; Eric Ernest. Recently he attacked Joe Ganzler. Ernest thinks his SRV hat makes him able to ascertain provenance via internet pics. He attacked a Toronto music store and mentioned a famous nice celeb who didn’t buy the item in question. Then took credit for “saving” said celeb. He recently sold a “mint untouched ALL ORIGINAL found under bed” 57? Goldtop. It appeared refretted yet not a mark on it. If anyone else advertised that I believe he’d be the first to cry out “fake”. It doesn’t stop there. He also claims under the guitar, in its case, was a laminated photo/article of himself. Not kidding. True? All I know for sure is the first guy to cry foul when anyone else performs hyperbole, literally reeks of it.  Just like the “not really a burst” he was selling. He claims to be an expert but has never owned an actual original burst himself to my knowledge. He also bashes his forum host Tom Whittrock (who I believe has owned over a dozen at one time). As Eric the expert says – its all Beauty of the Burst and that’s it. No other reference required. He would like to charge for his appraisals although I know of not a single person haven taken him up on that. Guess people aren’t that stupid.

Joe Bonamassa is another odd forum troll. For a famous guy, he spends a lot of time propping up his friends and piling on in the forum. Doesn’t know any backstory just props his forum buds with adolescent “quips”. This comes as no surprise. Google search on “Clapton Beano Burst” will turn up more of his stories. He knows where Clapton’s once stolen burst is, but he wont tell, and he hasn’t actually seen it, but it has the “fingerprint” by the knobs, he knows that for sure despite not actually seeing it ….he cant say more. Why bring it up then? Headlines, I surmise. Use Clapton’s name for headlines. Classy. You cant make this stuff up. Its all there for the “Googling”

I will not take part in any of these forums. For the reasons above. Truth has no place there. No matter what its going to be an argument. To quote Eric Ernest “Oh, and what he DIDN’T say, says even more….”  ah yes, cue up the morons to debate what wasn’t said. 30 pages of pure genius coming right up.